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  Plasti Dip is the ultimate solution for your car! Why? Plasti Dip is a specialty rubber coating with multi-purposes, however, it is most useful for vehicles. Plasti Dip can protect your vehicle from moisture, abrasion, corrosion, and acids. Auto Plasti Dip is located in Toronto and offers plasti dipping services for your car, truck, van or motorcycle.

    Plasti dipping is also a great alternative to a full re-spray, or vinyl wrap, because the cost is much less. Not only is it cheaper, but it is more efficent, because when you want to go back to your original colour, you just peel off the plasti dip. Do you have any scuffs or scratches on your car? Well, with one simple plasti dipping those scratches and scuffs will disappear without a trace. Overall, plasti dip can be applied to almost all parts of your vehicle, helping you prolong your vehicles life and aesthetics.

   Are you getting tired of the colour of your car? Plasti dip comes in many different colours in either glossy or matte finishes, allowing your car to have that new look you wanted. Plasti dip is a durable product, which can last you years. Furthermore, plasti dip has been tested to withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. Auto Plasti Dip specializes in plasti dipping making your car look top-notch.

Auto Plasti Dip offers plasti dipping services on the following:

  Plasti dip bumper repair
  Plasti dip scratch repair
•  Plasti dip dent repair
Plasti dip rim repair
  Full-exterior plasti dipping
  Full-interior plasti dipping

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